Beta Instructions

So. You're wondering just what is going on and how it all works?

Well, when we release we should have some characters in the game that will guide you through it. But for now - we've put together a basic set of instructions below.



Win the race, in the fastest time possible.

Success is determined by the cards you have in your deck, and how you play those cards during a ‘race’.



Every card has a power value (top left) and an energy cost (top right).


When you play a card you get a speed boost (indicated in the bar above your cards), but you use energy (in the bar below your cards). Energy recovers with time. If you don’t have enough energy to play a card, it is shown as unavailable.


Depending on when you play your card,  you will incur wear and tear. When this happens the Pit Gauge (on the left) fills up. If it fills up completely you will not finish (DNF).


Cards can only be played on a corner of a matching colour. The game automatically deals cards that match the upcoming corner, and orders them from left (least energy required) to right (most energy).


Limiting Wear and Tear
  • Avoid damage by playing your cards at the right time.

  • If your Pit Gauge is filling up, tap the Pit button. When you Pit, the Pit Gauge empties. You can decide when to leave the Pit.


Wear and Tear can also affect your top speed. Ignoring Deck Bonuses (see below), the most powerful cards have a high Power-to-Energy ratio.



How you build your deck is critical to your success. (Think of this as the ‘Engineering’ component of F1.) You have 12 cards in a deck, and you can build this with any cards that you own (so you can’t use ‘Undicsovered’ cards).


If you want to use nothing but powerful cards that’s ok - but you may find that you can’t play them until your energy has recovered. Usually a mix of colours and energy levels is advisable - but experiment to see what works best for you!


There are four sections to your deck: Top Speed, Durability, Brakes, and Acceleration. Certain (usually rarer) cards will provide you with an in-game advantage if they are added to the appropriate section in your deck.


Keep an eye on your Pit Gauge. If it fills up completely you will lose automatically (DNF). You can tap the ‘Pit’ button at any time, to signal that you will Pit at the next opportunity.



We are still experimenting with boosts that can help you slightly during a race. We are likely to include 4 different boosts, and you can take one of each into a race. But this may change during beta!


The Team at Avid Games have worked incredibly hard throughout the off-season to build a new engine using the Unity game platform. While we really hope that you enjoy it, we recognise we were never going to get it perfectly right first time, so your feedback is invaluable. Thanks again! And see you in the game :)