CUE Cards
Battle, Collect and Trade cards from all over the universe!


Have you ever wondered how Michelangelo would fare against Julius Caesar by playing a game and educating yourself at the same time!

While CUE isn’t specifically designed around educational goals or for children, CUE Cards are intelligent, exciting and designed to inspire curiosity in players of all ages. With an emphasis on Culture and STEM* facts (*Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), the game features an ever-expanding supply of knowledge - from mathematical conundrums to Meteorology, from Marie Curie to the Hammerhead Shark, from Socrates to Shakespeare - and offers a unique and powerful learning experience for children and adults alike.

FREE for ALL schools

Because CUE Cards works on iOS and Android devices, the game can be played anywhere, empowering everyone to discover how truly wondrous our universe is. CUE strives to inspire a thirst for knowledge that will last a lifetime.

CUE is designed to be played for FREE, we make our money by selling additional card packs. However, schools can apply for educational credit so that their pupils can play and learn without any limitations.

Applying is simple and quick.

Email us at cuesupport@avid.games and we will follow up with you directly.