Game Rules

Welcome to Head-to-Head, the perfect way to put your card collection to the test!





Head-to-Head is all about your ‘Deck’. A Deck is made up of 12 cards chosen from your collection.


Before you start a race you should check the following:




    • Ideally, the scores (the same as the rarity level) on your cards will add up to the maximum weight allowed for the race. If not, remove some of the low scoring cards from your deck and replace them with higher ones.

    • The weight can change as you progress through different rounds, so you will need to update your deck accordingly.




    • Each circuit has a unique combination of 'Action Points' where it is an advantage to play a card with a matching racing line.

    • Your deck should reflect the combination of racing lines on the circuit. It will take some trial and error to optimise for each track!



NOTE: If you do not have 12 cards in your deck you won't be able to play. Tap to edit your deck and add more cards from your collection! 





The objective of the game is to reach the finish line before your opponent. You do this by playing cards to manoeuvre your car around one of the official Formula One circuits. 


At the start of the game you and your opponent are on the starting line and are dealt three cards from your Deck. These cards are your ‘Hand’.


Whenever you play a card, another card is drawn from your Deck to replace it (don’t worry about running out of cards - if your Hand is empty, your Deck will be shuffled and a new Hand drawn for you). 





In every Head-to-Head game there will be a number of ‘Action Points’, which represent parts of the circuit where you have to take control of the car and pick a card to make a manoeuvre. The number of Action Points in a game varies depending on the game mode.



Each Action Point has an optimal 'Racing Line', that will be highlighted in RED. Your car will stop, and you must pick a card from your Hand that matches (or closely matches) the Racing Line - the closer you match it, the bigger bonus you get.



The combination of your card's score and Racing Line bonus determines the gap between you and your opponent's cars - try to close the gap if you’re behind, and increase it if you’re ahead!






If your score on an Action Point would take you past your opponent, when you draw level you will trigger an overtake opportunity. 


When overtaking, the score and the racing line of the circuit are ignored. All the overtaker needs to do to succeed is select a different racing line to his/her opponent. 


If you are defending an overtake, you have the ability to see the racing lines of your opponent's cards, which may help you choose the right card.


TIP: Sometimes you may want to sacrifice the overtake and instead get rid of a low-scoring card. It's up to you!




The first one to the finish line is the winner!


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