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Explaining about the 2019 app

We’re sorry our big app refresh for 2019 didn’t please everyone. In fact, at times it didn’t seem to please anyone :(

We wanted to say a few things about the app, what we’ve done, why we did it and what we are going to do next.

The app economy is tough. It costs a lot of money to build and maintain apps, and the crowded marketplace means advertising is also a necessity to bring in new users.

When those users arrive they invariably want all the things, they want them as quickly as possible and they don’t want to spend to get them.

It’s our task, as an app developer, to try and find the delicate balance in what we offer that means an app can survive. Simply giving all the things to all the people for no money means the app will close down. 

The Problems We Had

Whilst the 2018 version of the app was loved by many, it simply wasn’t commercially viable. We had produced an app that made it too easy for collectors to collect everything or nearly everything, sometimes by less-than-honest means (multi-accounters, we’re looking at you here!)

We want the app to be enjoyable without the need to pay. However, we do need some people to spend occasionally otherwise the app (and our company) will cease to exist. We know lots of people only want to be F2P, and we’re cool with that, but we need to find a way that allows those who want to support our work to do so and, frankly, those who do support our work should benefit in some way.

An additional problem we had was the technology platform for the 2018 app did not permit rapid deployment of changes, often leading to the Android version of the app either lagging behind iOS (which wasn’t fair on our many Android collectors) or holding back feature releases (which wasn’t fair on anyone).

The 2019 App

So we decided to redevelop the app pretty much from scratch, using the widely-used Unity platform. This would allow us to only develop functionality once, and then deploy to both iOS and Android simultaneously.

Unity also allowed us to create a faster game where collectors could put their cards to the test in a whole new way that we felt better matched the speed and excitement of F1.

We also implemented a dual currency economy, supplementing tokens to the coins already in use. Dual currencies are now the standard mechanism for free to play apps as they enable finer control when balancing the game’s economy.

Tokens, the premium currency we introduced, would be available to all collectors via regular in-app rewards but for those who wanted to advance their collections more quickly, tokens could be bought. Those holding more tokens would be able to trade for missing cards more frequently as well as upgrade duplicate cards to make them more powerful.

You Didn’t Like It :(

Many collectors have told us, in no uncertain terms, that they didn’t like the changes we made. Many people (including some of us here at Avid) don’t react well to radical change, so we wanted to give people a chance to become more familiar with the new app. Additionally, we have made several modifications and improvements over recent weeks, looking to address some of the pain points collectors raised.

Unfortunately, it has become clear that despite the changes we have made, many collectors still don’t like the app as much as we’d like, so we wanted to tell you about what we are going to do about it…

1. Free Trading for Existing Users

We will be introducing trading subscriptions soon, that we will be gifting to existing users for free. [NB. If you do want to get your friends playing, get them in before we launch this to make sure they are included in the free trade sub offer.] This should make it easier for you to trade with one another, and help fill gaps in your collection. Keep an eye on our social accounts for updates on this over the coming weeks.

2. All-new Gameplay

We are revamping the game once again, making it feel more like a ‘conventional’ card game. No fast reactions. No guessing about the timing. And the content of the cards will be relevant to the game. 

We’re very excited about this. Those who enjoyed the 2018 racing should find the new game more to their liking! We’re still keeping the 3D graphics though.

Come Join The Discussion!

Finally, we would like to invite you to come join the F1 Pack Rivals discussion and help shape the future of the app.

We have created a new & free Discord community (it’s a kind of forum with live chat) exclusively for F1 Pack Rivals collectors to talk with each other, as well as the F1 Pack Rivals development team.

You can join this community using the link below, and there is an exclusive bonus available for the first collectors who sign up, so join us as quickly as you can here

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