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F1® Pack Rivals 2019 FAQs

Our recent blog post generated many questions from collectors about the transition from the current  app to the new version we are currently working hard on.

We’ve rounded up some of the most common questions sent to us, and answered them below for you.

We'll continue to add to these FAQs, so check back here from time to time for updates!

Will I still have my coins after the app update in May?

Yes - any coins that you have when the app is updated remain yours to spend. There’s no need for you to spend them prior to the update, as you will not lose them!

Will I still be able to view my 2018 collection after the app update?

Yes - the cards in your 2018 collection will remain accessible for you to look at whenever you like.

Do I need to have cards in my collection on the 16th May to receive rewards?

Yes, when the 2018 collection is frozen, we will look at the cards you hold at that time. If you previously held enough cards to complete a sub-collection but traded one or more away, then you will not receive the reward due for that sub-collection.

If I hold enough cards to complete a sub-collection multiple times, will I receive multiple rewards?

No, you can only receive rewards once per sub-collection, for a maximum possible initial reward of 200,000 coins.

Why can’t I use my cards from my 2018 collection in the new app?

The new in-app racing game requires cards with different attributes to those in the 2018 collection, so only cards from the 2019 collection will enable you to race.

Where have the 2019 car launch cards gone?

The car launch cards now sit within each 2019 team collections, so look for them there!

Will I have to update the app when the new version is released?

Yes - when the update is available to download from both the App Store and Google Play, collectors will have to update the app in order to continue to collect, trade and race.

Other than the new racing game, what else is changing in the new version of the app?

There are many exciting updates in the new version of the app. Keep an eye on our twitter account for sneak peeks between now and the launch!

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