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F1® Pack Rivals 2019 is Coming!

Here at F1 Pack Rivals we are getting ready for the 2019 season! We’re working hard right now on a fresh look for the app that includes an exciting new game that will truly put your racing skills to the test against F1 fans from around the world!

We expect to release the updated app by 17th May 2019. What happens between now and then?

New Season, New Cards!

Car launch cards and Barcelona testing cards are already available to be found in packs, and the first cards from the 2019 base collection will be launched ahead of the FORMULA 1 ROLEX AUSTRALIAN GRAND PRIX 2019, with race specific cards following over the weekend itself.

Awards for 2018 Collecting

F1 may have outlawed Launch Control, but we want to help you get off to a great start from the F1 Pack Rivals 2019 grid!

You have until 16th May to complete as much of your 2018 collection as you can. Your 2018 collection will always remain viewable, but on this date no additional 2018 cards can be bought or traded. On the 18th May, we will award you coins based on the 2018 sub-collections you have completed according to the following table:

Additionally, on the Monday following each Grand Prix weekend, commencing with the FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DE MONACO 2019, you will be awarded further coins based on your 2018 collections. Each reward will be equal to 10% of the coins awarded to you immediately following the collection freeze on 16th May.


You complete collections that, per the table above, total: 60,000 coins.

Initial reward on the 18th May: 60,000 coins.

Reward after the Monaco race weekend: 6,000 coins.

Reward after each subsequent race weekend: 6,000 coins.

Total coins to be awarded: 60,000 + (16 * 6,000) = 156,000 coins.

2019 Collecting and Trading

After the 2018 collection is frozen, it will no longer be possible to buy and trade 2018 cards, however your 2018 collection will always remain available for you to view at any time.

The new in-app game will only be playable with the 2019 collection, the first cards of which have already been released with Car Launch and Barcelona Testing cards. Keep a look out for the first cards of the 2019 base collection which will be released ahead of the upcoming race weekend.

We will keep you up to date via email and on our social accounts as we move towards the new version of F1 Pack Rivals!

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