• Duncan Best

F1 Pack Rivals 2019 Update

We are very excited to be bringing you the new version of F1 Pack Rivals very soon, and as we count down to our expected* May 17th launch, here are a couple of updates on things that are changing!

The End of Worthless Duplicates

F1 Pack Rivals 2019 will permit many of the cards in the collection to be upgraded. Combine multiple versions of the same Common card to create a Rare card. Combine Rare cards to make an Epic, and combine Epics for a  high-powered Legendary card!

So - hang on to your 2019 duplicates :)

Upgrading a card will cost tokens. What are tokens? Read on...

Fewer (or even no) Sh*tty Trade Offers

Keen players also suffer from  unbalanced trade offers, and ‘trade spam’, where one collector repeatedly sends requests.

Trading ‘fees’ will restrict  the creation of trade offers. To offer a trade, the player will need to have enough tokens (the amount will depend on the cards involved).

Tokens for a trade will be held in reserve when the offer is made. If the trade is accepted, the tokens will be taken from each player’s account. If the trade is rejected, then the collector proposing the trade will receive their tokens back.

Yes, players can buy tokens, but you shouldn’t have to if you’re only making occasional trades as tokens are available through regular rewards.

Will there still be fusion cards?

Yes! Fusion is really popular. Whilst some cards will be upgradeable, others will remain in fusion “recipes”. (Always one or the other, not both.).

Does the introduction of tokens mean no more coins?

Coins will remain in F1 Pack Rivals, with tokens sitting alongside as a ’premium’ currency. Coins will still be awarded to players, and can be used to buy packs of cards.

With the introduction of tokens, will I have to pay to trade cards now?

No. Tokens will be awarded to players for regular playand can be used to propose and accept trades. Players who wish to trade more frequently can buy tokens, if they wish, in the same way as some players buy coins in the current version of the app.

Are you introducing tokens to just make more money?

Avid Games, the company behind F1 Pack Rivals, is a business - we will never try to pretend otherwise.

Our aim is to produce fun games that people - hopefully lots of people - enjoy playing. This costs money - a lot of money! We have developers, designers and content creators to pay and the app needs a resilient infrastructure to run on. Additionally, the reality of the modern app economy is that we also need to spend money to market the app to attract new players.

In the time we have been running F1 Pack Rivals we have seen lots of bad behaviour from people who are looking to cheat us but, more importantly, cheat the many tens of thousands of players who play honestly.

The introduction of tokens should make it considerably more difficult for these people to cheat us all.


*Of course - the best laid plans can go wrong. We need to get everything accepted by Apple and Google before we can release, but at the time of writing we are on course for 17th May.

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