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We're Nearly There...

The app is currently offline whilst we deploy our new release, which we expect to be available before the Monaco race weekend.

As is the case with all app developers, we are at the mercy of the review processes for both app stores, but we are doing everything we can to get the app back up and running just as quickly as we can!

2018 Coin Rewards

Coins will be paid to all those who hold one or more complete sets of cards from the 2018 collection as previously detailed. We will pay these coins around the time that the app is returned. Keep an eye on our twitter account where we will confirm when 2018 reward coins have been paid.

XP for existing players

Due to the changes mades in the new version of the app, all existing players will be reset to 0 XP.

With XP being earned for new cards found, this will mean existing players, who already hold one or more cards from the 2019 collection, will need to have their XP brought up to the level that reflects the cards they hold.

We will add XP to existing players over a period of four weeks, doing so for each player on the Monday that follows the day they reach Level 5 in the updated app:

Monday 27th May

Monday 3rd June

Monday 10th June

Monday 17th June

We will post to our twitter account when we have boosted XP on each of those days for all players reaching Level 5 in the preceding week.

Business as usual for Monaco

We anticipate operating our usual schedule of cards around the Monaco race weekend, starting with Race Preview cards releasing at 6pm BST on Friday 24th May. If we are unable to do this for any reason, we will notify players via twitter.

Second, third…one hundred and forty-fifth accounts

Aside from some instances of malicious abuse, we have largely turned a blind eye to those who have created multiple accounts on F1 Pack Rivals.

Where we have seen people create multiple accounts, they have typically harvested cards and fed them to a single master account. We consider this cheating, and it’s not fair on the vast majority of players who look to play fairly, yet find themselves disadvantaged relative to those who try to cheat their way to a complete collection or race success.

We will now be taking action against those who cheat in this way. Actions we take may include the removal of all accounts involved in the cheating.

Please don’t cheat - it’s not cool 😁

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