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Knowledge is power

Ever wondered who would come out best if a wombat battled it out against Marie Curie


What about a baboon versus a triceratops


The Empire State Building VS the Milky Way? (Not the chocolate bar, that would be silly)


Then look no further! 

Cards, the Universe and Everything (CUE) is a card-collecting and battling game that features a bit of everything from across our universe!


It’s an entertaining escapade designed to scratch your curiosity itch: a cornucopia of miscellany and mash-up, featuring lions, meteorology, pi, satellites, Athena, Samurai, the Sphinx, black holes, Billy the Kid, ducks, volcanoes, dolphins, Pythagoras theorem and much more.


Battle anything

Let the battle begin! You’ll need curiosity, skill and top tactics when competing against others across the globe as you battle it out in the CUE arenas. 


Multidimensional cards. Collect a wide range of unique and fascinating multidimensional trading cards with digestible facts and trivia on almost any subject; science, space, palaeontology, history and many more!


Trade. Connect with your friends and trade cards in a safe environment.


Friends and Foes.

Friends and Foes. Slug it out in Weekly CUE Leagues against friends and foes from across the globe, Collect trophies and climb the leaderboard to win big in-game prizes!


So. Much. Free. Stuff. Collect multiple FREE rewards every day to build your CUE card collection!


Crafting. Fuse your duplicates together to create awesome and powerful new cards!



Much like our universe, this Collectable Card Game and the knowledge within continues to expand over time.


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