CUE Cards
Battle, Collect and Trade cards from all over the universe!

Beginners - Start Here

Beginners have to start somewhere, so why not begin here rather than the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable and frankly more intimidating end of CUE.

This quick guide will have you up and playing faster than a moderately arthritic rat up a drainpipe.


Collect Cards, Build Decks

Build your decks from a huge range of cards with fascinating facts and trivia covering technology, engineering, math, science General Knowledge and much more...

CUE Arenas

Battle in distinctive arenas with their own unique effects on the cards in your deck. Play in space, eruptive prehistoric landscapes or spend a night at the museum...

Special Abilities

Cards have special abilities that determine the outcome of a match, and CUE's unique deck-cycling gameplay lets you reuse those abilities! Play your cards to outwit your opponent, and unleash devastating Burn, Freeze and drain attacks to seal victory!

Crafting & Fusion

Card Crafting enables you to combine duplicate cards or use card recipes to turn them into new or even exclusive cards. Load your cards into the generator and wait for the surprize.

Fuse your duplicates together to create powerful Fusion Cards for devastating salvos and winning throwdowns.

1500+ Cards

CUE has something for everyone, we have more than 1500 cards across pretty much everything. With new releases every day across culture, science, technology, maths, history, space, general knowledge and more...

There so much to do in CUE

Collecting, trading, crafting, fusing, strategy, leagues, daily objectives, general knowledge, battling and that's just the tip of the iceberg, which is typically a seventh to a tenth of its entire size. So, there's loads to keep you entertained!

Play Friends

Play friends and foes from across the world.


Play in weekly CUE Leagues, collect trophies and climb the leaderboard to win gems.

Daily Objectives

Completing Daily objectives is an excellent way of getting FREE coins, XP and gems by completing entertaining tasks in-game.