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When the first fossil of Dilong paradoxus was uncovered, it was considered one of the earliest forms of Tyrannosauroidea, the group that includes the march larger Tyrannosaurus rex.

Not only that, but this small ancestor of the T-Rex was the first of its kind that had direct evidence for feathers.

The species name ‘paradoxus’ refers to this, as the discovery of feathers on a tyrannosaur was not expected.

The name ‘Dilong’, on the other hand, means ‘emperor dragon’.

Some experts think Dilong's attributes - its small size, feathers and carnivorous diet - point to a warm-blooded metabolism similar to that of a modern bird.

Dilong roamed the area now known as the Liaoning Province in north-eastern China 138-129 million years ago, during the Early Cretaceous Period.

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