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Human Remains Found Card

Human Remains Found

A human skeleton is found in the woods.

A man walking his dog in a fairly remote part of the highlands of Scotland.  He finds what he believes might be human skeletal remains.  The Police are called.  

A Forensic anthropologist (FA) is called out to the scene and confirms that the remains are human and of forensic interest i.e. the individual has died within the last 70 years.

The FA will photograph the remains in situ, chart what is present and if elements of the skeleton are missing (often fingers and toes), then they will search for these as they may have been taken away by animals or they may simply have fallen away from the location of the burial.

Once all the bones have been recovered, they will be transported to a Police mortuary so the investigation can start to discover who the individual was, how they died and what were the circumstances leading up to their death.

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