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Rorschach Test

Look at this inkblot and tell us what you see.

Look at this inkblot and tell us what you see. If you said “smiley face”, it might indicate your future as a vigilante with a knack for breaking into people’s apartments and scribbling in your journal. That, or you’re just a little kooky.

This is a (very) over-simplified version of how the Rorschach Test works - but in our defence, this method was inspired by a popular kids game. In the late 19th century, children were super into klecksography—the art of making images with inkblots.  In 1921, psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach adopted this idea as a means of diagnosing mental illness.

Although Rorschach said his test could be used on anyone, he did exclude teenagers from his list, stating that they had too much in common with the clinically insane to be assessed.

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