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Unintelligent Design Card

Unintelligent Design

Some people point to the human body as the model of perfection, or a marvel of design. In fact, every aspect of human body shows that it is very poorly designed, with lots of things that don’t work well or can even kill us!

We have useless organs like the appendix or the tonsils, which can become dangerous if they are infected. Our eyes are constructed backwards, with the rods and cones in the retina pointed away from the light and covered by a network of nerves and blood vessels that make our eyes inferior to that of an octopus. We are poorly adapted to walk on two legs, because we eventually get lots of back problems, hip problems, knee problems, and ankle and foot problems from walking and running, rather than moving on all four limbs. If you want an animal better designed for walking on two legs, look at an ostrich.

Finally, our genes are full of useless “junk DNA” that is never used, and only 2% of our DNA is different from the DNA of a chimpanzee or a gorilla. In short, the human body is full of non-functional or poorly adapted anatomical and genetic features, that show that we were not perfectly designed, but instead are a haphazard jury-rigged collection of features that only occur because we were once walking on four legs and have many other features inherited from our ancestors.

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