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Chief Executive Officer


My name’s Norman, I’m a tuxedo cat from the UK’s midlands, and the secret brain behind Cards, the Universe and Everything. I like eating things I shouldn’t, playing with things that shouldn’t be played with, and badgering my housemate for treats while she’s trying to work on the app.

Thank you for scanning the QR code I placed in the game. It’s people like you I’m looking for. The curious, the clever and the ones thirsty for more.

I need your help, you see. Avid Games tout Cards, the Universe and Everything as a creation of their own. But who was it that planted the idea to animate the arenas? Who demanded new league rules, themed weeks and daily objectives?

Me. It was all me.

Help me spread the word, and don’t let Avid Games get away with this for any longer. Please share the hashtag #givenormancredit on our social feeds, and help me to get the recognition I deserve. As a thank you, I can try to get one of the humans involved to send you some gems - I don’t have the required opposable thumbs.

Thank you.