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Puzzles and Perplexities

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Donald Prothero

Donald Ross Prothero (February 21, 1954) is an American geologist, paleontologist, and author who specializes in mammalian paleontology and magnetostratigraphy, a technique to date rock layers of the Cenozoic era and its use to date the climate changes which occurred 30-40 million years ago.

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A Ghost Shark grapples with the Big Bang. The Magna Carta reads Thor his rights. A Triceratops pits its wits against Einstein.

This... is CUE Cards.

CUE - Cards, the Universe and Everything is an extraordinary mobile game, with strategy, RPG progression, and the chance to collect, trade, craft, fuse and battle a vast array of cards.

Sharks, astronauts, mythical creatures, planets, amphibians, Egyptian gods, monkeys, inventors, butterflies, rockets and legends of the Old West are just a few of the collections in this unique - and somewhat silly - TCG.

Battle against players from across the world in a strategic, turn-based combat card game (CCG) - using complex synergies, a huge range of abilities, and some frankly ridiculous combos. Build your own custom decks to get the edge on your opponent, and take advantage of the CUE Arenas, including: History, Life on Land, Space, Science, Arts & Culture and Palaeontology!!  

Compete against friends and foes one on one or in weekly leagues. Unlike most other games, you can trade freely in CUE to build your collection quickly and easily. Cards  come with a range of fantastic trivia and facts, so you can become an armchair expert in almost everything, from the fantastic to the mythic (via the occasionally banal and mundane, we won't lie).

Collect and level up with in-game rewards and trophies. Climb the weekly leaderboard to get huge prizes. Collect multiple daily rewards just for playing.

Download CUE for FREE now to start your adventure and kick off your card collection!