Formula 1®

Pack Rivals 2019 Beta

Welcome to the F1 Pack Rivals Beta. And from all of us at Avid Games - a big THANK YOU for helping us make this a great product.


If you've never been a beta tester before... well, brace yourself! You'll find features that are confusing, bugs that make you wonder what just happened, and glitches by the bucketload. And over the course of a few short weeks, they'll all get sorted out.

At least - they will with your help.

We need you to keep in touch with us via the regular feedback surveys in the Store section. These will change depending on what we're focusing on from one day to the next. 

If you want to know what the team are up to - you're in the right place. And while we work on a proper tutorial/onboarding experience, you can find a game overview and instructions here