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Treasure Chest

What amazing treasures are in this chest? You'll have to wait until Monday 6th September to get them!

It's Buried Treasure week, and there's an awesome new Mythic card!

The Treasure Chest works a little differently to other Mythics - if you get it from a pack you open during Buried Treasure Week (trading for it DOES NOT count), we'll give you a cool 2,000 Gems on Monday 6th September!

It's tricky to find Mythic cards; don't try to chase it, you don't want to spend 2,000 Gems trying to find it! It's just a fun surprise for the unsuspecting player.

If you don't find it during Buried Treasure week, all is not lost. When those gems are awarded, the card will change into a NEW Limited Legendary card from a BRAND NEW COLLECTION and you'll be able to get the card in its new form through all the usual means.

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